How To Put Patches on a Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have been quite the trend for the last couple of months, but sadly it took me this long to purchase one due to my lack of realizing I want certain things until it’s too late. 

The best thing to me about a bomber jacket is being able to decorate it with patches, some you can buy with some already on, some do not.

But this just means you get a chance to pick out the patches yourself.

  1. Find the patches you want. Order them online like on Etsy or Amazon, or find them in your local craft store.
  2. Personally, I used an iron instead of sewing the patches on. So make sure to plug in your iron and keep the iron part up so there are no accidents. My iron was on the second setting.
  3. Once your iron is hot, lay down the jacket on an iron board, if you don’t have an iron board lay it on a flat surface (make sure the iron won’t effect the surface). 
  4. Place the first patch on the place you chose on the jacket. I chose on the chest area by the zipper. Then, use the iron. 
  5. Then press the iron firmly upon the patch for 45 – 60 seconds. I also went back and forth afterwards to make sure I had heated all of the patch.

    I also did some patches on my little black backpack. 


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