Things That I’m Excited For in 2017

  1. The creative writing elective I’m taking at my school this semester. Last semester, I took Introduction to Journalism, which I absolutely loved.
  2. Season 3 of “Degrassi: Next Class”, I read that this season talks with heavy topics such as abortions, and refuges. I also really want to know what happened to everyone on the bus from the cliffhanger last season finale.
  3. For new chances and opportunities for everyone. A new year means 365 (or now 360) days filled with new chances.
  4. To go to New York City this summer, and see the NYU campus.
  5. For more Jenna Marbles videos, gaming streams on Twitch, and Jenna Julien podcasts.
  6. For a year full of holidays, and the ability to see the beautiful four seasons.
  7. Thousands of new books getting published.
  8. Millions of people graduating from college to achieve their dreams.
  9. For new seasonal Starbucks flavors.
  10. Being able to make new friends.
  11. To take photos of things I love.
  12. Being able to work hard and improve my grades at school.
  13. Working on finchinthecity.
  14. Going to see so many new movies at my local movie theater with my friends.
  15. Learning more about myself and those I love.

best wishes to you this year ♥


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