3 Things I Regret Buying

Everybody finds something in a store that they think they’ll totally wear all the time, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. These purchases don’t always prove as useful and need as we think we are.

  1. All scarfs, I never wear scarfs. I never think to add them to my outfit, they really aren’t my go-to accessories.
  2. Leggings. I only wear legging every once in a blue moon. I don’t like to wear them out of the house, they’re really lounge clothes instead of an actual outfit.
  3. Any camouflage clothing. I’ve only ever bought a few things that are camouflage. But I have camouflage so much, because of the fact I live in the South I see quite a bit of camouflage in school and public, I hate it so much.

    best wishes ♥


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