I Want This Blog To Grow With Me


As a population, we all keep growing. As a person, I am also growing, on the inside and out. In four years, I may be writing about politics, or feminism. I’m the kind of person who changes interests every time I come along something that I really intriguing. I know for my few followers, you followed a fashion blog, but am I always going to write about fashion when there’s so much more.

The point of this is to explain that you guys need to understand that I’m going to change. My style will, my hair will, my goals will, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You guys will change too, maybe not with me, but that’s good because we are not the same. We are all unique, which makes us perfect.

I’m so sorry that this is so short, it is just word vomit.

(Picture: Hippy Trail by Fancy Grave)

best wishes ♥


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