An Essay About Poverty in Kenya



Peace is a very important factor in leading a healthy, and happy life. In order to achieve peace throughout the world, we must take care of each other. The people of Kenya are not experiencing peace because of poverty. 43 million people live below the poverty line in Kenya. Meaning, they are not receiving important dietary needs such as the requirements of nutrients per day, young people are forced to go without an education, and people are dying slowly because their bodies are not receiving what is needed to survive.

Many issues due to a high number of those living with HIV. Whilst there now are testing centers, condom promotion, and many other important ways to learn about HIV in Kenya already, over 1.4 million people live with HIV, ranging from teens to older adults. Thus representing almost eight percent of the population. The first detected case of HIV/AIDs was in 1984. Now, Kenya has the fourth largest HIV/AIDs epidemic in the whole world, following: India, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

A possible way the United States of America could help the many people in need that are in Kenya is by teaming up with a volunteer organization such as United Nation’s International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). Since 2014, UNICEF has been helping the children of Kenya by attempting to achieve rights for children. The World Health Organization (WHO) can help stop the spread of HIV in Kenya. Teaming up with a volunteer organization team that could help find ways to increase the number of crops growing, in the little space there is agriculture in Kenya, help expand the knowledge of HIV,  or protesting to increase the price of goods, thus creating more income for many.

One way to end poverty is to expand the knowledge of HIV by teaching it in schools, promoting condom usage, and open clinics for people to get tested. HIV can cause AIDS which ends lives. According to WHO, during 2015, 1.1 million people died of HIV-related causes. Teaching children, and teens about HIV and AIDS in Kenya, will likely cause a drop in numbers of people newly infected. Opening clinics can provide people living with HIV to have knowledge on how to remain healthy, and also see treatment. Promoting condom usage will also lower the numbers of newly infected, because condoms protect against harmful sexually transmitted infections.

Another way to help end poverty in Kenya is to protest to raise prices on goods. I know that throughout history this is the exact opposite of what people wanted, and acted harshly against in. Although, in this case, it would have more upsides than downs. For instance, people who make a large fraction of their income from selling goods would sooner be able to take care of themselves, and their family. Kenya was the United States 80th largest good export market”, according to the Office of the United States Trade Reprehensive.

There are so many things a whole population could do to help the people of Kenya. In a world full of chaos, and mayhem, doing simple things could change a live. No matter what country you’re in. No matter what time zone your phone is in. Everyone was born with the power to help, you just have to choose to use it.

I know this is a little different from what I usually would be writing, but this is an issue I wanted to talk about. best wishes ♥


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