Why Everyone Needs Feminism


picture: http://unfoundationblog.org/author/zahrahusain/

For those who still in 2017 doesn’t know what feminism is. It’s equality among all genders. The truth is sexism still exists, not that any female you know doesn’t believe that.

Ever since Emma Watson wrote that powerful speech for HeForShe in 2014, I knew I was a feminist. I finally understood that things that I’m used to are issues, not just how life is supposed to be.

I finally understood that it was unfair to me to be scared to walk past a group of guys whenever I am alone, out of fear of what they could do to me. I knew that it was unfair to my mother for having to worry about what a boy could do if he caught me alone at one of my high school football games.

The worst part about sexism is once you begin to see it, you notice its all around you. You see it in your ex-boyfriends. Your family. Your school. Your friends. You’ll hear the term “girl” or “boy” used as an insult, like its a problem to be considered one of them.

In some places of the world, girls miss school because of lack of feminine hygiene products available to them in their country. They miss school because of this, education is something that should be available for everyone. It’s highly unfair to them, they are missing out an education because of a very normal thing that they are not provided with any type of products for.

I have new had an official job because I am too young. But I do understand that many jobs still have a wage gap. It does not make any sense to not receive the same pay for doing the same job. If someone does the same quality job, the exact same job in every way how could they not receive the exact same pay. Being treated like less because of gender is SEXISM. I’ve learned that it is even worse for women of color, pay shouldn’t be affected by race or gender, it should be about that work you do.

Anyone being treated differently because of their gender is sexism. A woman is not less. A man is not less. No one is less. We should be all equal.

I deeply beg you to commit to taking action for equality by taking the pledge at: http://www.heforshe.org/en

Now I know I didn’t talk about any issues male face, and why they also do need feminism. I simply cannot pretend like I have faced these problem, and I’m sorry for that.

best wishes ♥



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