The Need for Cruelty Free Makeup


As a devoted Sephora shopper, I do indulge in nice beauty products, as much as my mother can afford. But whenever, I am there I realize how poor treatment the animals had when they tested that Benefit brow kit.

Sephora does have many cruelty free brands in there stock, but as just as many that test on animals. Like one of my personal favorites, Too Faced, does not test on any animals.

Makeup is a product for humans to use, not animals. It’s unfair to harm them, just to check the safety of the product. Why not allow people to volunteer to have products tested on them?

Usually bunnies, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs are used test makeup and other considerable cosmetic products. Whilst dogs are used for medical research, and cats for neurological studies(meaning studies of the brain).

This needs to stop, it’s unfair to them.



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