Why I Refuse to Dissect an Animal

In many Biology classed across the United States, people sit in class and pick apart a dead animal for “educational purposes”. What will I learn by pulling organs out of a frog, or a pig? I have no interest in seeing the inside of a poor animal that had no need to be removed from the life they deserve.

Luckily, where I live, and attend school I have the right to choose if I would want to dissect an animal. But as the rest of the state of Kentucky does not receive a choice on this matter. If you do not have the right to choose, I urge you to email the leader of your local school board. You need to speak up against such an issue. It’s unfair that an animal had to die just so someone could “learn”.

According to Peta2, pregnant pigs are cut open so someone could remove the babies for dissection.

Instead of of dissection, there are many cheaper online programs. This way could still learn without being forced to partake in such a disgusting act.

If your school will not allow to sit the dissection out. I recommend you check out, http://features.peta2.com/dissection-kills/help.aspx. Peta2 has a campaign about the issue of dissection, and gives you the resources to stand up. The website has a sample letter that you could give your principal, petition sheets, and leaflets you could print out to give your classmates to help with such an important issue.


best wishes ♥


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