Women Can Do Anything

  picture: https://www.nybg.org

  We still live in a misogynistic society. Women are urged to believe that they cannot aspire to a certain career because they are a girl.

  As young girls get older they have pressures to be pretty, instead of smart. I see girls throughout my school who care too much about the way they appear to boys, or people in general, this is not their fault as they are taught this way. I see as I sit in my honors science class, and very few girls, including myself, are interested in science.  

  I am very lucky to be part of a family that has always taught me to believe in myself, and to aspire to whatever I want to be. Many girls are not as lucky as I am.

  I dream of attending New York University and majoring in Journalism. I want the Dean of Admissions to look over my application and marvel in my achievements and ambition, and not pay any mind to my gender. I want to become a respectable journalist, I hope that by the time I graduate from college or sooner preferably, all women will be treated the same in all ways.

  One of the saddest thing is that I cannot thing of any female scientists, any single one I just looked up. I have not learned about a single one I learned about Charles Darwin, but not Marie Curie, I have not clue what she has done. Isn’t that sad that young girls see only successful male scientists in science class? All girls deserve better.

  Marie Curie discovered both radium and polonium. She was a physicist, and a chemist. She conducted research on a radioactivity. She was obviously intelligent, and yet why haven’t I have heard about her?

  We’re missing out on so many powerful female figures to look up to, but we have not been taught a single thing about them. This needs to change. It’s unfair to us to be robbed of such amazing role models for young girls. 

 I urge you that on this day you find a new female figure to look up to.

best wishes ♥


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