The Truth About Sexual Assault



Rape is whenever you force yourself upon someone, or someone forces themselves on you in the act of intercourse. The subject of rape is rarely discussed in schools, and even among many families. Recently, the media has shown how lightly both rape, and sexual assault are in the eyes of many.  Nearly one in five women are either raped, or were attempted to be raped before, isn’t that so scary? Even scarier, every minute, and a half someone is sexually assaulted.

Whilst in college, twenty percent of female students are sexually assault, and four percent of men. Sexual assault, and rape is currently the most unreported crime, fifty-four percent of rapes were not reported to police. Three percent of American men have tried to rape someone, or have actually raped someone. Forty-two percent of women who were raped never tell anyone about it. Most of the rapes that ae place is by a serial rapist. One third of all women who were raped as minors are raped again once they are adults.

Rape is one of the leading causes of depression – along with verbal abuse, death, divorce, drug/alcohol abuse, and bullying. Victims of rape are thirteen times more likely to commit suicide than some who has not had that experience.

According to RAINN, only six out of every one thousand perpetrators will actually end up serving a sentence in prison. One in nine girls, and one in every fifty-three boys are victims of sexual abuse. Ninety-three percent of child know the person who takes advantage of them. This is the world where people live, and dream of being happy, but it is filled with so many issues.

After reading this I want you to look around next time you are in a busy place, and imagine how many of those people have been raped, or sexually assaulted.





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