Why Young Girls Need Female Role Models

Growing up I always knew how important having goals, and dreams. I was very lucky yo have parents who cared very deeply about keeping me on the right track. Other girls were not as lucky as I was.

Without feminists, women would have zero rights. We would not be able to vote, and we definitely would not be able to run for presidents. Luckily for us we can, that’s due to The Suffragettes, every since August 18th, 1920, women have been able to check the ballot box.

In fashion, we have the amazing fashion forward feminist, Coco Chanel. She brought the idea to women to dress in pants, and suits whenever they were expected to prance around in long skirts with floral blouses, and dresses.

Then there is someone like Barbara Walters. She was the first female co-host of any news broadcasting network, which was Today in 1952. At the time, she only earned half of what her male co-workers earned. Hopefully, the gender wage gap is closed within the next few years.

In a world with so many young impressionable girls, and so many amazing women, it’s shocking how many do not identify any one as a role model. Young girls need some one who can openly tackle issues that are considered “taboo”, but are actually going to end up make you a better person for it.



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