Why I Want To Be A Vegetarian


Disclaimer – It doesn’t matter to me what you eat. Eat what you want, it’s cool. 

  1. It’s harmful to animals to eat them. I think that eating animals is the opposite of being compassionate, because you are eating something that once was alive, and was killed just so you can devour it.
  2. Eating meat is not good for your health. Meat is high in fats. Eating meat can lead to cancer, such as colon cancer.
  3. The harm on the environment. To produce just one hamburger, the amount of fossil fuel used to fuel a small car for 20 miles. Raising food is the number one cause of water pollution.
  4. ” Nearly 60 percent of the carbon footprint of the average American diet comes from animal products, and meat is responsible for land degradation, water pollution, and the direct endangerment and death of wildlife. “




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