March Favorites 2017

As March has wrapped up officially, I have gathered my absolute favorite things from this month. I really hope that March went well for all of you this year.

  • March 2017 Vogue – this month’s issue of Vogue was absolutely amazingly played out. The glossy pages make me so happy to be completely honest.  Usually, I get a monthly issue of Glamour every single month, but I reached for Vogue instead.
  • White Nike High-tops – Whilst I am not he biggest sneaker wearer, but I loved these, and I knew they would work perfectly for most of my usual outfits for school. Also, they work well with an olive green shirt.
  • 13 Reasons Why – I had been looking forward to this series since Selena Gomez posted about her “passion project”. Netflix did a astronomic job on this series. And please tell me I am not the only one who thought Clay was so attractive, like honestly, woah. It really hit me on the subject of teenage depression, and mental illness in way I have never been opened up to before on such a personal level.1 

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