How To Do Good This Summer

Doing things to benefits others is the best kind of fun. Summer is roughly two months, everyone will have the time to get some of these done. Doing good will make you feel good, so bring some good to the world. 6360396707841884501511384440_kindness-1080x776

  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter – No matter where you live there are animals in need so volunteer at an animal shelter near you. Plus, for those who are building their resume, this will help make you look well-rounded.
  • Start a garden – As I hope most of you know by now bees are going existent, which is not good for the environment, so starting a garden with flowers that are helpful for bees can help the issue. Also in case you haven’t noticed the Buzzbee is no longer on the box of Honey Nut Cheerios.
  • Volunteer at local blood drives, or other local programs. Volunteering is not only beneficial to whoever you are volunteer, but is arguably good for the soul, and the resume.
  • Start a canned food drive to donate to a program against world hunger.
  • Pack up things you don’t need, and give to local homeless shelters. Poverty is one of the leading problems in America, and everyone should do there part.
  • – is the biggest source for youth volunteering, they create campaigns, and one volunteer can win a scholarships for the volunteer to use however they see fit. And the best part, you can sign up for whatever campaigns you want, for whatever cause.
  • Educate people on real issues many people do not know about. No matter what cause you feel close to, it is always helpful to educate the people about what is really important.
  • If given the amazing opportunity to volunteer abroad, take it. It yet again, adds to a resume, and teaches you about different cultures from all around the world.

There’s nothing wrong with doing good for the world around you.



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