Fashion Bloggers I Look Up To

As a fashion blogger, if I can officially call myself that, I read a lot of fashion blog, and have developed a sense of admiration. I use their blogs for inspiration on how I could improve my own.

  1. Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad – She a O.G fashion blogger, one of the first to make it in such a complex industry. Her looks are amazing, and she knows how to rock what she wears with confidence. So as any fashion blogger would, I find her as some of my inspiration. ( )  photo:
  2. Leandra Madine, Man Repeller – A pioneer of fashion who teaches women that you should, and need to dress for yourself, and only yourself. She has a book published about her journey, and all. She just wants people to be themselves, and I love her for that. ( )
  3. Drew Scott, Imdrewscott – He should be considered a staple in male fashion, he creates looks that appear effortless, but still amazing at the same time, and that’s hard to achieve. ( ) photo: 283A8303-1440x2160
  4. Dani Austin, The Austin Blog – This Southern belle has the fashion taste that works well in every situation. She has this typical American girl style that I love her. She’s honest with a Southern charm. ( ) photo: Gallery-0003-683x1024.jpg


I really hope you guys enjoy this. Best Wishes ♥


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