The Truth About Smoking // truth

The truth about smoking: it harms you, and everyone you smoke it around. Don’t light up. There are over 7,000 chemicals in one cigarette, do you really want that in your body? The answer is no. Ammonia is something used to clean toilets, it’s also in tobacco. That’s so gross. Tobacco products kill 40,000 people every month. Those numbers add up, almost six million people a year die from tobacco products.

A person who smokes a pack a day will spend roughly $2,193 a year. If you have “problems with self esteem”, “emotionally insecure”, or “passive aggressive” you fit the labels of an ideal tobacco consumer.

Here’s a tip: Don’t start smoking, it’s not something you need in your life.

If you plan on hitting up a hookah booth anytime soon, think again. A one hour hookah session is as bad as smoking one hundred cigarettes. The smoke can lead to lung cancer, oral cancer, stomach cancer, or bladder cancer.

Now only 6% of teens smoking. Let’s end it, come on.



So come on, everyone let’s finish this. Best Wishes♥


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