How To Be Happy // a person’s guide

I am starting a new series geared to anyone to help them get through some rough stages. If you have any topics you would like to get advice about, feel free to comment.

There is no key to being happy.

But I have some tips:

  1. Eat well, but still eat what you love. If you eat a salad for lunch, have some ice cream later.
  2. Take picture with your friends. You will have moments that you will want to look back on someday. Don’t worry, just take a picture.
  3. Wear what you want. Trends are useless, but can look cool. Wear sneakers with a mini skirt. Wear boyfriends jeans with boots.
  4. Live according to you. Live how you want to live. Start living the way you want.
  5. Be honest. As they say, “the truth will set you free”.
  6. Do things that scare you. (Remember there is a difference between being ready, and being afraid.) Move to that new city. Wear that new dress. Get that new hair style.
  7. Try new things. This is how you know what is interesting to you.
  8. Focus on what you will make you happy. You have to focus on what you’re happiest doing.
  9. Let the past go. A lot of bad things have happened, but in order to be happy you need to move on.
  10. Drink tea. Tea is literally one of the best things in the universe. It has so many uses. To help with anxiety. To help you fall asleep. They also taste good.
  11. Read. Reading puts you in the place of others. But also it helps you escape what’s going on with your life whenever you need it.
  12. Write. You can express your emotions that you will want to look back on later. You’ll want to remember where you were, how you felt, and who you were with.
  13. So this a suggestion rather than a tip, but, make an instagram collection of what makes you happy. Mine is mostly animals and quotes. 

The truth is the key to being happy is within yourself. You do not need me, or anyone else to teach you how to be happy. You are the only person who can make you happy.

Best Wishes ♥

photo: Lesly B. Juarez





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