Fashionable Character #1: Rachel Green

God, Rachel, your character development was astronomical. From a stuffy, spoiled young girl, to a strong, ambitious woman.

Your outfits for iconic. My favorite came from season one as she started adapting to New York City. Here are a couple favorite looks from this 90’s style icon:


photo: University Primetime

This is such an easy outfit to re-create.  Grab some tights, high-waisted suede shorts, and a white shirt.


photo: Pinterest


photo: Pinterest

Doesn’t this give off total Clueless vibes? This is something  that you can pull from your mom’s closet, and throw on.


photo: Miss Malini

A navy blue button-up, and a black skirt. Tie up your navy button-up so you can show off your stomach. There you go!


photo: Lifestyle of a Fashionista

Everyone hates on the denim, but she is pulling it off. To recreate this dig into your mom’s closets, grab a black skirt, or dress, throw on some black ankle boots. Done!

If you guys want to see me re-create these outfits, and share them with you, I would be so down for that. Best Wishes ♥


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