Why Everyone Should Write

photo: Ian Schneider

I absolutely love writing, no matter the topic. But I have this fear that one day I’ll forget every memory, or feeling that I had throughout my life, so I write.

Keeping a journal is how I keep myself calm, and it’s where I record my life. I’m only 14 years old, (I’ll be 15 in July) and I know that I will change and my life will too. Ill need my old self to keep me grounded no matter who I become. Remembering how I feel today will want to be remembered in ten years.

I want to become a journalist as some of you may know, but I need to build my writing skills. Hence, the blog, and the journals. I have always loved writing since I started writing short stories a couple of years ago.

Everything will change within time, so record everything. Every thought. Every feeling. And everything around you. I intend on remembering everything. Keep a journal, this way you have things to look back on. When life changes, you’ll want to see it.

Best Wishes ♥

I know this is short but I had some feelings I wanted to get back.


2 thoughts on “Why Everyone Should Write

  1. Very cool. I wish I’d kept a journal since I was young. There is so much I don’t remember. Even a few months ago, who can say what I was doing on any given day? It would be fun to be able to look back to any point in my life and see what I was thinking/doing. Keep it up and I think you will thank yourself later in life 🙂

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