Cheap Things To Do This Summer

Summer is here, which is exciting, until you realize you have no plans. At all. Or you pull out your wallet, and realize you have almost no money, just like me. I’ve gathered some inexpensive ideas that won’t blow you into debt.

  • Photoshoots! Gather your friends, and take turns taking photos of each other. Making cute little props are fun, too! Go outside around where you live, find a background, then snap a shot. Take a picture, it will last longer 😉
  • Go to free things at your local park. Most parks have movie nights, or cute family activities. Look up your local park online, and see what there is to do.
  • Movie nights. Grab your favorite flicks, and chicks. I recommend having an 80’s movie night with all the best 80’s movies in your possession. Don’t forget popcorn, and soda.
  • Stargazing ∗ There’s nothing more peaceful, or romantic than looking up at the stars when they’re at their brightest. Grab a cozy, oversized sweater for a cool summer night, and you’re ready to go.
  • Start a journal. Writing is one of my favorite things to do. Summer is when you will make some great memories, so write down all of the details. It will be nice to look back on later.
  • Binge a new show. There is a stream of constant content at our exposure whenever we want it. I recommend ‘Famous In Love’. Or ‘Gossip Girl’.

Have a good summer! Best wishes ♥

photo: Thomas Lefebvre


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