The Greatest Generation // Flashback Fashion

The Greatest Generations (According to Buzzfeed, born 1901 – 1927)

This generation lived through the Great Depression, World War II, Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, and even pearl harbor. All of theses events not only shaped the style, of the generation, but the generation itself.

This generations lived through the 1910’s, a time when women showing off their silhouette was just beginning, and skirts were always supposed to hit the ankle. _big_vintagefashion-new_64393                    The dress above is a 1912 Lavender Silk Beaded Gown.     Courtesy of

For men, well, the wealthy wore suits, and most of the others wore uniforms of some kind. Many men were in the service, and spend time fighting for what they are devoted to.

The roaring 20’s are a time to be remembered. With flappers that could dance the night away to Jazz music while drinking gin. Men smoked cigars while bragging about their stocks. This was a good time for America, at least, finical wise.  Men could be seen during the day in a suit, and at night, wearing a tuxedo.4626274_f520.jpgThe picture above is a women wearing a typical flapper dress based on ancient Egyptian style. Courtesy of

 During the Great Depression, which started in 1929 due to the stock market crash, many were left cold, and hungry. Some people wore flour sack sewn to fit a person. All the clothing was made of whatever you found available to you.

6795047_orig                    The photo above in an average family during the Great Depression.                    Courtesy of

All of the information in this series is based off of Buzzfeed’s video ( ) And any other sources used when making said video.

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