Silent Generation // Flashback Fashion

Silent Generation (According to Buzzfeed, born 1928 – 1945)

This generation grew up with the radio telling them about the Korean War, or their T.V telling the about the space race. Technology changed a lot during the time this generation grew up.

In the 1930’s, women were no longer rocking flapper dresses, or bobs, but dresses with patterns such as a floral one. Fur was popular, but due to the Great Depression, many women made their own clothes.


The picture above is an advertisement for women (1935). Courtesy of

For men, there is no surprise to find that suits were still all the rage, but tweed was a material more men seemed to own. Men wore clothing that was supposed to give you the shape of Superman. On suits, you’ll notice a V-shape to give a man that Clark Kent look.

1930s-mens-psort-suit-jacket1-300x473The photo above is showing the different suit styles. Courtesy of

The 1940’s were a time for a gal to wear a pretty dress with matching gloves. Wearing a dress that shows off their waist was a common thing back then. In 1945, women began wearing “separates”, as in shirts to be paired with skirts, and to have more control over an outfit.

imagesA casual look for women of the 1940’s. Courtesy of

All of the information in this series is based off of Buzzfeed’s video ( ) And any other sources used when making said video.

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