5 Websites for Fashion Lovers


photo: Haley Phelps

As an obvious fashion lover, I spend loads of time reading about fashion. These are all great sources for new outfit ideas, or just some writing inspiration.

  1. CollegeFashionista – I adore this website so much, and hope to write on it when I’m in college. This website gives you absolutely amazing ideas for your closet, but also other categories in your life. I have my own account too, so make sure to follow me @debramurrayy.
  2. Fashionista – With amazing trend reports, and a constant stream of news, is there anything this website doesn’t offer? I recommend this to anyone trying to stay on top of the latest trends.
  3. Fashion School Daily – This one is like the one above, but it comes with tips for breaking into the industry. If you’re more career-oriented, this one’s for you. It’s also a website under Academy of Art University, so you can easily learn about the school if you’re interested.
  4. Man Repeller – Man Repeller is one of my favorites blogs. It gives you a different perspective on fashion, which I think is amazing. You’ll find effortless looking outfits in look books put together on the site.
  5. BoF (Business of Fashion) – An epic educational resource for fashion lover. You can learn about the history of fashion, how fashion effects the economy, and so much more. They offer online courses for anyone. Anything you want to learn about fashion you’ll find on here.

I hope you guys enjoy these resources, and are having a grand time. Best wishes ♥


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