Why The Bold Type is the Perfect Show for Young Women

photo courtesy of Freeform

After watching the first episode of Freeform’s The Bold Type, I know this is going to the show that empowers an new generation of females. The show covers a new spectrum of what females go through at points in their lives. Dare I might even say this generation’s Sex and The City –minus the fact no one is as selfish as Carrie Bradshaw- is The Bold Type?

Young women everywhere will soon be obsessed with this show filled to the brim with empowered women, and supportive friendships. There are lots of potential rolemodels on this show, which is obvious to many.

But in reality, it’s tough to make it through an episode—or, as I did, the first four—without finding yourself strangely and startlingly invested in the series and its charming cast.  – Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair Review

Sutton has her career struggle that she faces when she must decide between a practical job, or her dream. Jane has her writing, break-up, and being forced to write a “best orgasm” story. Kat struggles with her sexuality, and jealously. But these are the only issues we’ve seen so far, surely there’s more to come.

I – and you probably are, too – am so excited to watch the upcoming episodes of this empowered and charming series.


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