How to Stay Organized This School Year

As a high school student entering her sophomore year of high school, I know that I will be very busy, and I will want to stay organized because it would be one less thing I will have to stress about. You guys don’t want to be stressed this school year either!

  1. Planners will be your best friend! A good planner can help you keep track of your schedule, and important dates throughout the year. You have to find the perfect planner for you, if you would prefer a monthly or weekly planner. I personally chose a weekly planner for the space to write things day-to-day. The student planner from the photo below, is only $1! ( DSC04112.JPG
  2. Download your school/counties’ app. Where I live we can download an application that shows up our assignments, and grades. This will help you be aware about what’s going on in your classes.
  3. Organize your backpack. This can be anyway you want. I organize my backpack by classes in the order of classes. Know where everything is in your backpack for an easy time finding what you’re looking for.
  4. Create study guides for every class. You can use this to maintain your grades, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in your notes, you can whip out your study guide. You never know when one of those could come in handy.
  5. Set reminders for assignments on your phone. This way you have no excuse for not doing your work before class.
  6. Make group chats with people from your class. Whenever you need help on homework, or the homework entirely.

Here’s a reminder: school is never the most important thing in your life, take time to relax when you need to. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Best wishes ♥


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