Is This Upcoming School Year Already Stressing Everyone Out?

Photo by JodyHongFilms on Unsplash

Yes, I can’t think of one person not stressing. But why? We should look on the bright side, summer being over means we can see most of our friends again. A sleep schedule is re-introduced to us, something all of have been lacking for the last two months. We go back to normal, which for me, is dearly missed.

We are going to have an epic school year, if we actually try to make the best of it. This year, we’ll achieve the things we didn’t last year. This year is the change that brings us to the future of whatever it is we’re waiting for. Here’s a much needed boost of confidence: once you walk those halls you’ll be home again. And if you hate school: don’t worry, you’ll graduate soon.

Sorry for this being so short, but someone might need this. Best wishes ♥


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